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£20 Million This Weekend As Squirrel Extends Perm To Give Us 9,880-1 Chance Of Landing Jackpot

The Squirrel has done the maths and has come up with a bolt on perm costing £2,080, so an extra 130 memberships we are adding to our existing 440 membership perm. This will bring our odds of winning the Jackpot down to 9,880-1, so has to be worth a go. More importantly, if the Jackpot isn't landed we enhance our chances of the inflated rolldown prizes, so with £16,000 in returns already landed from the past two £12 Million Rolldown draws we'd hope we could do even better from a £20 Million Rolldown.

MBW Lotto 09 is open for this Saturday's £20 Million Must Be Won Draw, and we suspect the Jackpot is likely to roll down again, but it remains a lottery, so no guarantees and we could even land the lot on our own. We have 402 Lucky Dips to play from MBW Lotto 08 on this MBW draw, so 402 chances of the £5,292 already won by that syndicate being further enhanced. 

As well as playing the 402 Lucky Dips from MBW Lotto 08, we have a further 38 Lucky Dips from MBW Lotto 07 in play, so that should be paid out along with MBW Lotto 08 in the next couple of weeks.

We may not be limiting MBW Lotto 09 to the usual 440 memberships this time, but please get on early, as with our odds of winning the Jackpot down to 9,880-1 we anticipate demand will be high. We would still have the potential of a £35k plus per membership return if we got a single ticket win, due to the size of the prize. Phil The Care Home (formerly Channel 4 Racing star Phil The Milk from our Warwick bonus race crack at £750,000) had his last minute attempt to join MBW Lotto 08 foiled when his state-of-the-art computer screen froze, the expletives were enough to make his Zimmer frame freeze over. So, please, do think of the neighbours and get on early.

The National Lottery is all about the numbers, and here's our furry friend's thoughts on the MBW Lotto draws - remember our new 4,506 line perms give us a 9,880-1 chance of a  single ticket win: 'We are getting closer to the target - last weekend if the favourite had won the final leg of the Scoop6 eight ticket-holders would have each received £7,958 from the win pool of £63,668, so not a lot at all for getting the winners of six races. The National Lottery offers us a share of £20 Million, and if that rolls down, the lower level prizes we pick up are likely to be boosted somewhat higher than they have been with the recent £12M+ rolldowns. 

'Heaven forbid we landed the £20 Million jackpot with a single ticket that would make each £20 membership worth over £35,000, so a couple of them would be worth as much as a Scoop6 single ticket win on the same day this weekend.''

Series 81 is underway with some decent racing from Haydock, Goodwood, York, Newmarket and the Curragh this weekend, so lots around for the horseracing fans among us.

The Squirrel and team, as ever, wish all members a winning weekend.

Kindest Regards,

Superclub team