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£20 Million This Weekend As Squirrel Considers Perm Extension To Give Us 9,880-1 Chance Of Jackpot

This Saturday with £20 Million on the table in the National Lottery Must Be Won Draw The Squirrel would dearly like to enhance our chances with a perm costing just over £9,000.

This would be more than £1,000 on the present £8,080 perm, but would bring the chance of a jackpot win down to below 10,000-1 at 9,880-1 for the first time for us. It would entail the purchase of a further 65 memberships above the current 505 membership perm that gives us an 11,152-1 chance of landing the £20 Million. We have tried before to reach this amount, but that saw just a further £1,000 added to the earlier perm, so we are trying again as we have the tickets written out for the extension.

Both remain longshots, but we feel if we can get our preferred high numbers at some point then a decent payout is just round the corner. We presently at time of writing have 354 memberships available in the initial target perm of 505 memberships, but that could rise to 419 if members like the new plan and aim to go large.

However, it is still a longshot and we have the final five Lucky Dips being played from MBW Lotto 10 this Wednesday, so that should payout ahead of the weekend and enable members to use those funds for a partial payment, or if we are lucky and bag a big win, we can then use a portion of that towards the MBW 12 syndicate. We will also be playing the 203 Lucky Dips from last week's MBW Lotto 11 on this Saturday's MBW draw, but anticipate they will payout the week after the £20 Million draw.

As we may not be limiting MBW Lotto 12 to the usual 505 memberships this time, please do get on early, as with our odds of winning the Jackpot down to 9,880-1 we anticipate demand could be high - despite the hiccup of the poor returns on MBW Lotto 11. 

With the extension to the perm we would still have the potential of a £35k plus per £20 membership return if we got a single ticket win, due to the size of the £20 Million prize. If it remains at 505 memberships and we did land the jackpot then every £20 membership would be worth more than £39,600, so still enough to make us smile. 

And please remember how Phil The Care Home (formerly Channel 4 Racing star Phil The Milk from our Warwick bonus race crack at £750,000) had his last minute attempt to join MBW Lotto 08 foiled when his state-of-the-art computer screen froze, the expletives were enough to make his Zimmer frame freeze over. So, please, do think of the neighbours and get on early.