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If My Auntie Was My Uncle - SuperClub Member Reveals Luck of The Draw Moment

Those in syndicate MBW 12 will be aware of the balls dropping on the Wednesday ahead of the £20 Million Saturday draw and how things could have been very different.

It might well be one of those, if my Auntie was my Uncle moments, but it does highlight the potential for a decent payout from the Squirrel perms. With MBW 11 being a disaster our furry friend feared we might struggle to get the extra £1k for the bolt-on to take the perm up from £8k to £9k and he was correct.

Yet longstanding member Ken Burrell pointed out on Saturday evening that the draw on the Wednesday would have been wonderful for our perms, if those very numbers had dropped at the weekend.

So it goes like this.....the Wednesday numbers drawn were 12,27,29,35,36 and 41 with bonus ball 51 - and as we have 27,29,35 and 36 together on 110 lines in our main perm, that would have given us five ball wins five times and four ball wins 105 times. On Saturday five numbers paid £11,851 and four numbers £294 .

But Stretford-based Ken had made the startling point that on that particular draw, we would have been one main ball away from £20 Million and one bonus ball away from £1 Million. As if any of 55,56,57,58 or 59 had dropped instead of the main ball 41 then that would have given us a Jackpot. And any one of 55,56,57,58 or 59 as the bonus ball instead of 51 would have paid £1M (or £1,387,899 with a rolldown). Or even both for £21M !

Many thanks to Ken for spotting this, and it shows that the perm could in fact take down £20 Million Plus one day!

The Squirrel has done the maths on those Wednesday numbers and if they had come out on Saturday, we would have had 5 x 5 balls at £11,851, so that would be £59,255, we would also have had 105 x four balls at £294, which is £30,870 on the Saturday rolldown figures, though just 5 x three balls at £107 each, so £535, and finally 175 Lucky Dips for a further £875. 

Overall those numbers would have paid if popping out on Saturday instead of Wednesday a total of £91,535, so that's being one number away from the Jackpot and one bonus ball away from £1 Million. We are pretty sure that we will knock in a five ball win at some point with our perms, but the six would be the icing on the cake - this shows the kind of figures that five numbers could yield on a Rolldown draw.

Thanks again to all those members, who have sent in messages of support for the current scheme. Our mathematically minded friend The Squirrel is probably the last person to advocate playing any lottery, but these rolldown draws do offer some value in the poor value world of lotteries. They do after all remain a lottery, but with the size of perm we are placing we do narrow our odds of a jackpot win to 11,152-1 with the £8k perm and if we do go up to £9k then that will narrow the odds even further to 9,880-1 - please remember both remain longshots.

But we could envisage probably doubling those stakes once we do get a decent win as people will possibly realise The Squirrel ain't nuts! Those who have won millions with us before on the horses, probably already realise this, but it does take a leap of faith for some new members. Do read The Huffington Post article headlined 'Jerry And Marge Go Large' for further understanding of The Squirrel scheme.

Incidentally, none of our Aunties were our Uncles, or rather in this none gender age - there is actually every chance that someone out there does have an Uncle who is now their Auntie and vice, versa. As Ken put it on Saturday night - 'it's strange how we were near, but yet so far, from a small fortune.' The Squirrel knows it's all about the numbers and he's rubbing his nuts at the prospect of a draw when our balls fall just right.

Wishing all members a winning week! We have opened MBW 13 to tackle the next rolldown draw that could be the end of this month, so that could be lucky for some....as ever The Squirrel says get on early! We know he's not nuts as that famous headline in The Sun once told 4 million readers almost two decades ago!