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Must Be Won Lottery 04 Syndicate And Fresh £20 Million Must Be Won On Horizon

OUR Must Be Won Lotto 04 Syndicate has been selling like hot cakes with just 34 memberships left for Wednesday night's rolldown draw.

The predicted £13.4 million jackpot if landed amongst our 440 memberships would pay about £30,000 per membership, so enough to make us smile.

We have purchased the 160 Lucky Dips for MBW Lotto 03 Syndicate, so we will be doing photographs of those tomorrow. We have also purchased about half of the 3,520 tickets we plan to have in place on the Wednesday draw.

No sooner will that be done and won, then there is a fresh £20 Million Must Be Won Lotto set for Saturday March 6th. We will be opening a fresh MBW Lotto 05 to tackle this after Wednesday.

As ever it will be a case of get on early. Moving forward, we will be changing the website and making club membership by referral only. Future members will have to be proposed by existing members as we don't want strangers just signing up and experiencing the joy of six, which many members have already had with the millions we have won on pool bets in the past.

The new pathway to millions may well be this Lottery experience and there are plenty of examples of Must Be Won Lotteries unlocking fortunes for shrewd syndicates in different nations. Just read the story headlined 'Jerry and Marge Go Large' on the Huffington Post and there are other individuals out there, who have mathematically unlocked Lottery millions.

The Squirrel has always accepted that it's all about the numbers. One article that told of one of his multi-million pool wins told how it was all about the maths and that article unlocked a fortune for others, as well as the long-standing Squirrel syndicate members from Finbar Tuite's excellent establishment The Three Tunnes.

Finbar's premises was known back in the day as a public house - this was a place with a bar, which sold beer to members of the general public. The Squirrel and many syndicate members recall the days when people actually visited premises like this without masks and ordered beer and wine and chatted to their friends. If you recall times like this, then you are clearly showing your age, and will probably be bouncing grandchildren on your knee when these Lockdowns leave us explaining how back in the day people got on aeroplanes and went to foreign places.  

The Three Tunnes was a superb gastro pub under Fin and Danielle's leadership with Portuguese chef Jose making modern miracles on his many stoves and selling them for sensationally low prices and Phil the bar manager is a legend in some circles. Even the glass collector Lewis will be turning 18 this week - if days were better he could actually manage a celebratory pint in The Three Tunnes. The Spider has invited several showbiz stars to The Three Tunnes and they have all been stunned at the standard of the food and the quality of the beer.

We all hope that one day that bloke Boris lets us all go back to the pub and if we can we hope Fin will have the racing on one of his many tellies and perhaps even the National Lottery draw on the occasional Must Be Won day.

Before then.....do get on MBW Lotto 04 Syndicate as we'd love to win with you and when the pubs do reopen, we want all the members to have enough shekels to shell out for the fine dining in salubrious establishments like The Three Tunnes, or the newly spruced up sister establishment The Crown.

The Squirrel is going nuts in the Lockdown, but he wants to get his paws on a Dizzy Blonde in The Three Tunnes almost as much as landing that six number Lotto jackpot. He presently has a better chance of landing that National Lottery jackpot than buying a pint in The Tunnes. When people say the odds are millions to one, they used to be referring to the lottery, but these days they are talking about buying a pint in a pub. How the world has changed.