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Bonus race update for members

THE BONUS race is most likely to be at Warwick....the plans for the day will become apparent over the next couple of days.

The Betfred Classic Chase currently has 32-runners declared, but that number should half come raceday. We want the weather to hold and the freeze to hold off...oh and we want to pick the winner.

Presently, all members in last weekend's syndicate have the funds in their club account, but we are leaving any withdrawal requests as pending until we know the bonus outcome.

Anyhow, as explained in the last all-rounder email we don't yet have the winnings across in our account, so leaving the payments as pending is simplest.

We will be studying the form for the £766,818 bonus race, but the present returns members have are guaranteed, so if we miss the bonus we will make the payouts probably by Monday morning.

But if we get the bonus race winner, all those withdrawal requests will be rejected and we will ask members to reapply for the larger sum.

If with a little luck we get the bonus those current returns will be added to if we get it right on our own to the tune of £4,078.82 per membership, but if going in with the other winner each membership will be worth a further £2,039.41 as we would split the £766,818 bonus.

The above figures relate to the £20 one-weeker syndicate and the Series 28 players are on approximately a quarter of those figures, but the payout will happen with them as everat the end of the series in a week or so.

We once again thank members for their warm words and the congratulations and will be doing our best on behalf of the club this weekend.

Remember at the end of the day this is a free go at £766,818, so a proper bonus. Just sit back and enjoy the ride....a bit like Jamie Moore did on Mountainous inthe Welsh Grand National, but without being so mud splattered!