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CHRISTMAS DAY £15 Million Must Be Won Draw

YO,HO,HO...forget Santa emptying his sack on Christmas Day - it's the National Lottery doing the same with a £15 Million Must Be Won Draw.

The Squirrel has been rubbing his nuts in anticipation of a Festive Season bonanza and this Must Be Won draw has him drooling in the drey.

As ever the SuperClub wishes all members a marvellous Festive season and perhaps a sprinkling of luck on Christmas Day with the £15 Million Must Be Won Draw in play on the big day would be wonderful.

We have MBW Lotto19 open to tackle this Seasonal sizzler and we would love an extra present for all our members on December 25th. 

We also have 210 Lucky Dips from MBW Lotto 18 that will be in play for members of that syndicate on the big day.

MBW Lotto 16 and MBW Lotto 17 should be played out and paid out ahead of Christmas with 32 Lucky Dips in play today (Wednesday) in the £2 Million draw and details of any remaining Lucky Dips after that will be in play this weekend. The 32 in play tonight are in full on the Club Picks page for members of that syndicate to view.

As it stands, we are just looking at placing the £7,040 perm. We may add the £1,040 bolt-on perm, but that’s not guaranteed as we need a bit of a Christmas boost if we are to improve our odds of a big win.

Our recent £16k plus returns came from a £7,040 perm that had a 12,800-1 chance of landing the jackpot. We should certainly have enough funds in for Christmas to replicate this perm. If we cut off at 440 memberships and hit the jackpot, then we would be paying out around £34,000 per membership from a single ticket £15 Million win.

The slightly bigger £8,080 perm with 505 memberships is a 11,200-1 shot at the jackpot, and would pay around £29,700 per membership if we alone got all six numbers.

The £9,120 perm has a 9,956-1 chance of landing the jackpot, and would pay around £25,750 per membership if we got all six numbers solo.

The £14k perm, if we got enough in to get it on, is a 6,400-1 shot, and if we knocked in all six as outright winners of the Jackpot with that perm, it would pay about £17,000 per membership.

Obviously getting all six up, even at 6,400-1 , is a long-shot, but it’s about the same odds as getting up 4 winners at 8/1 in a decent Lucky 15, so it is attainable.

We will gauge between now and Christmas Day what level of perm we should go for, and what extended chance of extra returns that the memberships would get us.

We have had 4 numbers up loads of times now, and it's only a matter of time before we improve on that with five numbers or better.

Please get on early, as we need to know if we are capping the memberships at 440, 505, 570 or 880. The level of purchase in during these next few days will help us decide which perm to place.