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£3M in 3 weeks - Squirrel Syndicate THE BOOK:
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Meet Experts

The Scoop6 Squirrel

THE LEGENDARY Squirrel helped himself and Sun readers land more than £10 million in Scoop6 prizes during his FOUR years as a regular contributor to the popular British newspaper’s \"Favourite\" racing pullout.

Yet the Squirrel, aka Richard Brocklebank, has ALSO landed as much for his own syndicates since the Scoop6 was launched, and was once famously dubbed ‘the shrewdest punter on the planet’ by fellow multiple Scoop6 winner Harry Findlay.

Some of the Squirrel\'s legendary wins:

2003 - £156,238 at Lingfield

July 2004 - £125,000

July 2004 - £375,000 at Goodwood

November 2004 - £919,678

October 2007 - £1,519,304

October 2007 - £424,675

November 2007 - £1,137,972

March 2009 - £3,184,369 (British record breaking pool bet dividend)

January 2010 - £326, 042 - record-breaking dividend share of the now defunct Super Seven.

SCOOP6 Super Club 2016 wins: 

January 2016 - £226,387 - split the Scoop6 pot with another ticket

June 2016 - share of £4 million Royal Ascot Scoop6

Lately the Squirrel has decided to set up the Scoop6 Superclub in the hope that he can share his winnings with the public.

The Scoop6 Spider

MEET the Scoop6 Spider….he’s not scary….he’s only got six legs - landed his first Tote six-timer with a perm costing £24 back in May 2003 and has had a share in syndicates landing more than £7 million in the past decade.

There’s really no need for arachnophobia, for this furry fellow – closely related to the Money Spider – has set himself the task of helping Scoop6 Super Club members tackle the tangled web that is the Tote’s televised Saturday Scoop6 bet.

And the only person the Scoop6 Spider wants to spook is Betfred boss Fred Done into paying out a fortune to Scoop6 Super Club members who land the £2 bet.

Scots-born super punter Harry Findlay – who owned Cheltenham Gold Cup winner Denman – famously described the Scoop6 as the ‘best bet on the planet.’

But the Scoop6 Spider considers the £2 Saturday flutter offers punters ‘value that is absolutely out of this world’ – for the £2 stake you get the chance to play for a win fund, a bonus fund and a place fund.

For 13 years the Scoop6 has been building a reputation as the best bet in Britain and any punter wanting a flutter this weekend should seriously make sure they slip £2 on the bet as the returns can be colossal, but being in a syndicate seriously enhances the chances of a big win.

Agnes Haddock

Agnes Haddock is Britain\\\'s most successful female punter - she picked seven straight winners to collect £688,620 for just £2!

You\\\'d be hard pressed to beat the ex-ironing lady when it comes to racehorses. That £2 fortune was just one of many times she\\\'s battered the bookies down the years and she\\\'s now living like royalty on her winnings.

Above: Aggie is all smiles as she receives her monster cheque.

Aggie\\\'s selections are based on years of experience - studying the horses as a little girl originally by the knee of her dear departed dad Angus.

Like any system - it gets better with age and four decades after first picking a winner in the Grand National Aggie now has a built in winning streak. Her phenomenal Tote Scoop6 success wasn\\\'t a one off...she likes big priced winners and they\\\'re the key to landing a fortune for any punter.

Most punters are not high rollers and Agnes is definitely like the rest of us - the only difference is the size of her bank account.

Following Aggie\\\'s phenomenal wins her life underwent a whirlwind of change - no longer having to worry about paying the bills, buying a new car, a new house, or even booking a holiday in the Caribbean. As all those things are easily attainable when you hit the jackpot!