£3M in 3 weeks - Squirrel Syndicate THE BOOK:
Horses Series 94:
£20M MBW Lotto 24 Sat 4th June:
£3M in 3 weeks - Squirrel Syndicate THE BOOK:
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How It Works

How It Works

1. Register your account for free.

2. Purchase as many memberships as you want.

3. Each Saturday our experts will use all of the weekly betting pot plus a proportion of the 4-weekly betting pot to stake on that day's Scoop6.

4. Any returns are added back into your Scoop6 Superclub account. You can withdraw your balance at any time or use it to purchase future memberships.

Above: Aggie is all smiles as she receives her monster cheque.

The Scoop6 Super Club runs ONE week memberships, and SERIES memberships that cover FOUR race weekends. Each membership costs £20 and members can purchase as many memberships as they wish using our sites secure payment facility.

The £20 membership cost includes an administration fee of £4, which goes towards banking charges, internet costs and provision of race day information. After the fee has been deducted all of the remaining £16 goes into the relevant betting fund which will be used to place bets on the Tote Scoop6 on behalf of the club members.

The Tote Scoop6 is a pool bet that operates every Saturday and pays out to ticketholders who correctly pick six winners or six placed horses across the six Tote selected races that Saturday. Those who pick all six winners get a further chance to win an additional bonus fund prize on the following Saturday's Tote Scoop6 with a free selection in a big race.

Every week depending on the difficulty of the Tote Scoop6 - taking into account number of runners and complexity of races - a betting perm containing our selected horses will be placed by the Scoop6 Super Club on the Tote Scoop6.

The Tote Scoop6 pays out on placed horses as well as winners.


When chasing a bonus pot the Scoop6 Super Club will seek to collaborate with other winning ticket holders, where applicable, to best enhance the chances of the membership adding to the winnings from the previous weekend.

Details of any returns, either winnings, or place money, from each  Saturday's Tote Scoop6 club bet will be posted on our website ahead of the following race weekend and generally within 24 hours of the returns being posted by the Tote.

Each week full details of the Tote Scoop6 will be posted on the 'Latest News' page. Club members who have purchased memberships in our betting series will also be able to see details of our experts selections and also our Syndicate's Tote Scoop 6 Bet and an appraisal of how our club bet progressed that weekend - not to mention get a return on their membership if we win!

Throughout the duration of each betting series, any returns in the form of win and place dividends, plus unused betting funds, will be held by the Scoop6 Super Club until the end of each betting series, when they will be equally divided per membership and credited to the registered accounts. With the ONE week memberships, this accounting will be done after each Saturday's racing, but there will rarely if ever be any unused funds.

To join the Scoop 6 Super Club all you have to do is fill in the simple registration form, then login and purchase as many memberships as you wish using our secure payment facility.


Remember, if you have any queries you can contact us at info@scoop6superclub.com