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We have an issue with the CLUB PICKS page and Results Page, so selections on here and Results will be done underneath the selections..we have placed a £4,032 perm using around £900 from the Series 71 funds. Below we are placing the racecard numbers and the perm requires five bankers and a non-banker for us to collect a SCOOP6 Win, but we will also be playing for place money as well. We are backing 50 of the 68 runners in our perms.

WIN FUND £248,756 PLACE FUND £35,320 BONUS FUND £367,157

Leg 1: 1.50 Sandown: Bankers 02,03 and 06 Non-bankers 01,04,05,08 and 10

A banker in second with Garrus at 10-3 failing to gather in non-banker gamble Kurious 6-1 with another non-banker Caspian Prince at 11-1 back in third. From 101,486 tickets in the pool at the outset only 8,109 are still standing and we have 36 lines surviving in the win fund. We now need five bankers in order to win the Scoop6, but if we get bankers placed we are still alive for place money. When we won the Scoop6 the other January we got a non-banker in the opening leg followed by five bankers and collected around £230,000 and a crack at around £750,000 in the bonus fund, which we never managed to land. It is never easy!

Leg 2: 2.25 Sandown: Bankers 02 and 08 Non-bankers 01,05,06,07,09,10,11,12 and 14

A winning banker Mojito 4-1fav beats non-bankers both 12-1 Escobar and Petrus. Just 932 tickets are still standing and we have 18 of those still alive and plenty of place lines still running.

Leg 3: 3pm Sandown: Bankers 05,06 and 08 Non-bankers 03 and 04

A banker 1-2-3 as Hidden Message at 9-4fav beats Encapsulation at 7-1 with Muchly at 10-3 back in third. There are just 235 tickets left in the win fund and we have six of those remaining.

Leg 4: 3.15 Haydock: Bankers 01 and 12 Non-bankers 03,04,05,06,07,08,11,13 and 14]

Our banker and gambled on 7-2 JF Al Muffrih went wrong on the home turn and was virtually pulled up and our other banker pick First Eleven 7-2JF was anchored by the weight, so we are now playing for places and require bankers placed in the final two races for some returns. Non-banker Kelly\\\\\\\'s Dino 14-1 beat non-banker Lucious Tiberius 14-1 with another non-banker Epaulement in third at 10-1 and non-banker Indianapolis at 14-1 in 4th with Eddystone Rock at 33-1 back in 5th. There are just eight tickets left in the win fund and only 496 in the place fund and we have 36 of those.

Leg 5: 3.50 Haydock: Bankers 03,05 and 08 - 01,02,04,06,07,09 and 10

A winning banker as Keep Busy 7-4fav beats non bankers Lexi The One 20-1 and Corndavon Lad 22-1. This leaves four tickets in the win fund and we are still playing for places with 8 place lines among the 206 place lines still standing. We need the top weight placed in the final leg for some place returns.

Leg 6: 4.10 Sandown: Banker 01 Non-bankers 04,07,08 and 10

Non-banker Make A Wish 7-2 beats our banker Magical Wish at 7-4 fav with non-banker Cristal Breeze 9-2 back in third. This means we have EIGHT place lines landed which we estimate will pay £200.60 each as 169 other place lines also came in, so returns of £1,604.80, but sadly the Scoop6 win fund was landed!